Rural Decay


give nature time


Nature gifts us with a surprise every time we venture outdoors. If we’re willing to look.

I felt a sense of both eeriness and wonder on this foggy spring day as I walked about this dilapidated summer camp, as if young, excited Girl Scout campers would return at any moment to a place seemingly uninhabitable.

This modest album is a tribute to the great outdoors, reverently admiring how quickly nature reclaims its rightful place. Always.

Perhaps these photos are also a warning to future generations. As we become more entangled with our electronic devices, designed to make us feel more connected to the world and to each other, create an even bigger gap between us and rest. Restoration.

And the world around us fades away without us even noticing.

And so, we too decay.


This former Girl Scout camp is being lovingly restored by volunteers who also want to leave a legacy for outdoor adventurers.