About Michelle Loufman

Michelle is a balanced left- and right-brained photographer, storyteller and artist living in Cleveland, Ohio. She spent nearly 20 years as a marketing professional, crafting strategies, creative direction and copywriting for major brands, while developing her skills in photography on the side.

As an ambivert, Michelle enjoys meeting new people and is a natural adventurer, seeking new experiences to learn more about history, culture, and the individual stories of people she encounters.

After nearly dying from a health crisis, Michelle went through a process to heal from metal toxicity and other chronic issues, exploring the transformative process of being renewed and restored physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Michelle continues to find restoration by processing life experiences through photography and writing.

Michelle’s mission is to craft stories for individuals and brands who want to share their mission, elicit emotion, and motivate action. You can view more of her storytelling work and purchase images on Photoshelter.


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