Michelle M. Loufman
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I create your beautiful story.


Meet your storyteller.

About Michelle Loufman

It’s a funny thing, the evolution of a career. After years in marketing, I applied those storytelling skills to photography, harnessing a unique combination of talents to create and share narratives. I cultivate and capture beautiful, candid stories through photography and writing to evoke emotion and motivate action. With my lens, I help others see what you struggle to see — someone worth valuing. A story worth sharing.

If you are a person or family who cherishes a moment frozen in time or a business owner who needs a better way of connecting with your audiences, you’ve come to the right place.


“Create those things where human protagonists relate to us, where the stakes and conflict grip us, and where the emotions move us. Craft those simple things, those glorious things, those things so often forgotten but so desperately needed. There’s no hidden or corporate meaning behind the word ‘story.’ We know what they are. And we need to start telling them.”



Featured work includes portrait and lifestyle photography, personal branding photography sessions, documentary projects and more.

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